The Key Laboratory of Micro-systems and Micro-structures Manufacturing, Ministry of Education (LMMM) was established in 2006, and passed the acceptance check of the state in July, 2009. Using an interdisciplianry and innovative approach, the LMMM has focused our research on micro systems and microstructures, which covers four national key disciplines including Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Materials Processing Engineering and Precision Instruments and Machinery,  and other disciplines such as microelectronics and solid state physics, chemistry and physics etc. The main research areas consist of fundamental theory and method of  micro- and nanomanufacturing, design of microsystems and microstructures, microstructures processing technology, micro- and nanotechnology equipment, microforming and microconnection technology, and fabrication, characterization and application of nanomaterials etc. 

      The LMMM has a floor space area of  more than 4000 square meters, and over 300 research facilities with cost of over 60 million  yuan.   The laboratory currently have 1 National 1000-elite Program Professor, 5 professional chairs under “  Chang Jiang Scholar Award Program ” , 3 holders of   NSFC   “Outstanding Young Scientists”,  2 holders of NSFC “Distinguished Young Scholars” , 1 Chief Scientist of National Key Basic Research Project,  14 New Century Excellent Talents, 8 holders of  Heilongjiang Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and 1 Innovative Groups of Ministry of Education. During 2007-2012, the LMMM was awarded a total of 259 scientific research projects related to micro- and nanotechnology research, and the total funds exceeds 2 billion  yuan.   The LMMM was awarded 2 State Technological Invention Awards, 6 Provincial first prizes, 5 Provincial second prizes.  In addition,  719 papers have been  published and 112 patents were authorized by the  State  Intellectual  Property Office. 1 student was awarded  National  Excellent  Doctoral  Dissertation  Award  and  4  students  were awarded nomination for National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award .